About me

My university education, my professional career and my political work have always been related closely with social action, defences of Welfare State and the claim for public work as a tool to improve the society.

I trained at University of Castilla-La Mancha, where I studied Social Work. My education have led me to work in the field of prevention and treatment of addictions, with minors living at risk, and in the area of people with dependency. Besides, I also worked in the leisure sector, first in a private company and, afterwards in the public. Because, although my new challenges in public sector, I have never given up my social action commitments.

Despite of I assumed my first public charge when I was twenty-seven years old, politics has always been part of my life. Perhaps it were because of my studies or what I experienced in my early days in labour market that led me to introduce myself as a councillor in Socialist Party at my village, Daimiel, where I have the honour of being part of the Municipal Corporation. For twelve years, I was in charge of the Council of Social Welfare and I was the spokesperson of municipal group.

In 2004, I was elected as Senator by my region, Ciudad Real, and I was representing the Socialist Party and I revalidated my position in the elections in 2008. Once again, my experience in Social Work led me to be a spokesperson for the Health Commission and the Special Commission on Unemployment to work in matters related to the environment, public administrations and drug dependence prevention and in matters of equality.

Since 2012, I assume the Deputy Secretary General of the Socialist Party of Castilla-La Mancha and the Spokesperson of my political background.

In July 2019, I welcome the challenge of being a member of the European Parliament.

Empecé en la política local y después trabajé para hacer progresar mi región. Ahora sé que, desde Bruselas, no solo voy a luchar por una Europa mejor sino también para que mi región logre sus objetivos. Que mejor manera de ayudar a Castilla-La Mancha que formando parte de las Comisiones de Política Regional, Peticiones y Agricultura y Desarrollo Regional.